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We acts as a legal suporter to start mercantile function to the international companies in the Indian market by apponiting executives/ representavies on behalf of client under binding legal agreement with principal company to  act under instructions and give report to our client. With our quick platform solutions, our international clients have been able to start on sales in matter of just ‘days’. We offer you the benefit of having an office in India without you having to invest on infrastructure. Our services are instant solution to international clients to start business operation in  legalise manner. 


Business facility:

Provide platform to appoint Your Sales Manager to work under our expert supervision but will report exclusively to you with a team of sales representatives / executives as you need.

Look and take care work place and office to perform business functions.

Find war-house and  provide logistical support for import,  export or supply chain. 

Find out local partner/ importer /exporter and  tie-up with your company by legal agreement or MOU on the  terms and conditions you both are decide to start your Business operation instantly. 


Marketing operation:


Appoint a marketing manager/sales force  under legal contract to act  for your company sales to allows the Clients to operate its subsidiary in India without any hassle.  We look into all the aspects of marketing and public relations of your business by expert, in order to maximize your business potential in the promising Indian market. We can assist to execute your following  function under our expert opinion and advice :


•    Free publicity
•    Advertising
•    Advertorials
•    Trade fair participation
•    Development of marketing materials
•    Promotions
•    Stock keeping and stock accounting
•    Local transport and distribution

We  provide the tailor made services to suit 
your company to introduce your product in
India and find best place in Indian market. 

Business Support:

Market your product in India by our Custom-made Platform.
Start your business operation in India by our Custom-made Platform.
Represent your company in India by our Custom-made Platform.
Open export house and import Indian product directly by our Custom-made Platform.
Open whole sale trading house and import your product in India by our Custom-made Platform.

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